World Critical Zone Observatories

List of Critical Zone Observatories

No. CZO Location Lead Monitoring Country Website
1 Adirondack Mountains South-western Adirondacks USA ---
2 AGRHYS Brittany France
3 AMMA-CATCH S-N ecoclimatic gradient in West Africa West Africa
4 Damma Glacier Canton Uri, Switzerland Switzerland
5 Bonanza Creek LTER Alaska USA
6 Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory Colorado Front Range, Rocky Mountains USA
7 Calhoun LTSE Southern Carolina USA
8 Central Great Plains Colorado USA ---
9 Christina River Basin CZO South-eastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware USA
10 Clear Creek Iowa USA ---
11 DRAIX-BLEONE 6,3° E - 44,1° N, French South Alps France
12 Rivière des Pluies Erorun Réunion Island, Indian Ocean France
13 French Karst observatory Languedoc, Jura, Provence, Pyrénées, Paris Basin, aquitanien Basin France
14 Fuchsenbigl East Austria Austria
15 Galapagos CZO Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos  Ecuador
16 Guadeloupe Guadeloupe, French West Indies France
17 Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii ---
18 Hoffman Creek site Oregon USA ---
19 Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest New Hampshire USA
20 HYBAM: Hydrological and geochemical observatory of the Amazon Basin Amazon drainage basin Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and France
21 Illinois River Basin Illinois USA ---
22 Jemez River Basin CZO New Mexico USA
23 Kindla Kindla, Bergslagen Sweden
24 Koiliaris River Basin East Chania, Crete Greece
25 Lowlands CZO Netherlands Netherlands
26 Luquillo Luquillo, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
27 Lysina Slavkov Forest Czech Republic ---
28 Marcellus shale Pennsylvania USA
29 Merced River Chronosequence California USA ---
30 MONTOUSSE Gascogne France Under construction February 2012 
31 MSEC (management of soil erosion consortium) SE Asia (3 sites) Thailand
32 MSEC Dong Cao long term monitoring catchments 20°57'40"N - 105°29'10"E  Vietnam
33 MSEC Houay Panoi long term monitoring catchments 19°51'10"N - 102°10'45"E  Laos
34 Mule Hole (Bandipur National Park)  Southern India (Mule Hole : 11° 72' N 76° 42 E) India
35 Muskingum Watershed Ohio USA ---
36 Na Zelenem Western Bohemia Czech Republic ---
37 NC2 New Caledonia France Under construction February 2012 
38 NevCAN, Sheep Range and Snake Range Transects (NevCAN) Southern and East Central Nevada   USA
39 North Ogilvie Mountains  Yukon Territory Canada
40 North-eastern Soil Monitoring Cooperative North-eastern Soil Monitoring Cooperative USA
41 Nsimi Cameroon  Cameroon
42 OBSERA Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles) France
43 OHM-CV Cevennes-Vivarais (4 sites) France
44 OMERE Brie, Paris Basin France
45 ORACLE Languedoc and Cap Bon (two sites) France and Tunisia
46 Panola Mountain Atlanta USA
47 Pluhuv Bor Slavkov Forest Czech Republic ---
48 Plynlimon Mid Wales UK ---
49 Red Soil Site Yingtan, Jiangxi Province China ---
50 Reynolds Creek Watershed Southwest Idaho USA
51 Santa Catalina Mountains CZO Saguaro National Park North America
52 SEQ peri-urban supersite South East Queensland Australia
53 Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory Southern Sierra Nevada, California USA
54 Strengbach Vosges Mountains France ---
55 Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory central Pennsylvania USA
56 Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest Montana, southwest Alberta, and Wyoming USA ---
57 The Prairie Pothole Region CZO South Central North Dakota USA
58 The Rogers Glen (Shale Hills CZO) satellite site  Chadwicks, NY USA ---
59 Trindle Road Appalachian Trail Diabase Pennsylvania USA ---
60 TUM Critical Zone Observatory Bavaria Germany
61 Beacon Farm 1 Rakaia River catchment, Canterbury Plains New Zealand ---
62 Omere site --- Tunisia ---